Andrea Lobo, PhD, science writer —

Andrea Lobo holds a Biology degree, and a PhD in Cell Biology/Neurosciences from the University of Coimbra-Portugal, where she studied stroke biology. She was a postdoctoral and senior researcher at the Institute for Research and Innovation in Health in Porto, in drug addiction, studying neuronal plasticity induced by amphetamines. As a research scientist for 19 years, Andrea participated in academic projects in multiple research fields, from stroke, gene regulation, cancer, and rare diseases. She authored multiple research papers in peer-reviewed journals. She shifted towards a career in science writing and communication in 2022.

Articles by Andrea Lobo

Newly Identified Defect Adds to Hyperinflammation in CF Lung Cells

A defect in an anti-inflammatory pathway called IL-37-SIGIRR contributes to the hyperinflammation seen in lung epithelial cells in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF), a new study suggests. The study shows, for the first time, that a mutated form of the single immunoglobulin interleukin-1 receptor (IL-1R)-related molecule (SIGIRR), named delta…

Certain M. abscessus Variants Linked to Serious CF Lung Infections

The clinical outcome of lung infection with Mycobacterium abscessus (M. abscessus) in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients is associated with genetic differences in the bacterium strains, according to a recent study. The study identified virulence factors related to disease severity, and sheds light on the development of novel and more effective…