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Is Gender Bias in Healthcare Shortening My Life?

“I am sick of being a woman,” I say far too often. “Especially a sick one.” Maybe you’ve read this before. I’ve probably written it. But it begs repeating. It’s hard seeking healthcare as a woman because our concerns are quick to be dismissed, our symptoms swept under the rug.

A Day in the Life of a Life That Can’t Live

I am staring at a blank page trying to figure out what to write, and all I want to say is: “I’m so stressed.” I want to tell you about all the crazy pressures and stressors I’m under because it’s all I can think about. How can I write anything…

Having a Rare Disease Is a Lot Harder Than You Think

Because we just honored Rare Disease Day on Feb. 28, I’d like to share what it’s like living with one. Having a rare disease means strangers telling you what your rare disease means, even though they’ve never lived or worked with it themselves. It means existing with stereotypes…

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The Benefits of Being Sick

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As columnist Lara Govendo reflects on her journey through CF and transplant, she realizes there are a surprising number of benefits.

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