Note Taken - a Column by Hannah Buck

Hannah Buck is a 22-year-old with cystic fibrosis. She studies
creative writing and digital media at the University of Michigan,
where she also drums on trash cans and triggers her smoke detector
biweekly when burning leftover veggie burgers. To continue laughing
with (or at) Hannah while she figures out how to be an adult with CF,
visit her blog,, or her YouTube channel,

‘I Hope She’s Not Contagious’

“OK, I have to go, Han. I’m sorry. I love you, OK?” “I love you, too.” My boyfriend leaned down, kissed my cheek, and walked through the hospital doors. He had just pushed my wheelchair inside the lobby, but this was only a drop-off — a…

How to Fight ‘FOMO’

FOMO. Fear of missing out. Ever heard of it? I don’t have a lot of phobias. Yeah, being alone in a dark room creeps me out, but I’m not afraid of needles, heights, snakes, public speaking, or even dying. When my boyfriend and I get…

The Porch with Mama

This afternoon, while browsing the fiction shelves at a local bookstore, I saw my own ghost. As I turned over a colorful paperback copy of Meg Wolitzer’s “The Uncoupling,” a small, optimistic cough flew past my left ear. At first, one. Then…

What Have You Done Today?

While making small talk with a friend last weekend, I asked what she had done that day. She shared that she had gone to class, worked in her professor’s research lab, and hung out with another friend — all before our conversation at 4 p.m. “Dang,…

Proving Yourself Wrong

There’s a certain amount of pride that often accompanies the proving of one’s own capability. In other words, exceeding someone’s expectations is literally the best. Sometimes, the “someone” you’re aiming to prove wrong isn’t on your team — they anticipate your failure because they think you’re lame. (Sad!) Other times, they…

A Message to Those Who Say ‘Ew’

Cystic fibrosis is nasty. Bacteria makes my breath stink. Malabsorption makes me fart a lot. I cough so much that my face turns red, and blobs of mucus often fly out of my mouth and onto the shirts and/or pants of those standing in my general area. If I could…

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