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    Posted by jenny-livingston on January 28, 2020 at 12:35 pm

    Growing up, my parents were told that it was important that my sisters and I get as much food into our bodies as possible. Calories were what mattered most, and it didn’t really matter what kind of calories we were getting, as long as we were getting enough. Snacks and junk food? Sure! Second and third helpings? Go for it!

    Even if I wasn’t hungry, I needed to eat. Sometimes it was quite a chore, and sometimes I really hated eating.

    I think that mindset has shifted and the medical community no longer pushes the idea that all calories are equal and kids should be forced to eat. But I think that my relationship with food was really affected in those early years of my life.

    As an adult, I’ve had to really examine my thoughts and beliefs about food. I’ve spent the last few years working on my relationship with food and body image. I’ve been loving intuitive eating (which is essentially an anti-diet where you listen to your body and intuition). But I wonder how common it is that people with CF struggle with their relationship with food.

    Have your ideas surrounding food/nutrition been affected by living with CF? Have you had to actively restructure your ideas about food and eating? 


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