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  • Advice for families with a new diagnosis

    Posted by jenny-livingston on August 3, 2020 at 9:55 am

    On Facebook, I help moderate a group for families of babies newly diagnosed with CF. It’s been a beautiful experience for me, watching families connect and learn to navigate the sometimes-treacherous waters of CF life together.

    While I love (seriously, LOVE) the relationships I’ve built with my CF friends, the connections I learn from most are the ones formed with parents of children with CF. I’ve always said that in many ways, CF is more difficult for the people who love us than it is for us. I’m always amazed at the passion, strength, and fierceness of the parents in our community!

    Today’s question is this: what advice would you give to parents of children newly diagnosed with CF? Whatever your connection to CF, what piece of wisdom or encouragement would you give to someone new to the world of cystic fibrosis?

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