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      Luisa Palazola

      This week our WCW is Ariel! @arielohio is 32 and lives with her husband and two pups in Ohio. Here are three things important to HER story with CF: ⁣

      🐝 I wasn’t diagnosed until age 9 as a fluke after my older sibling was diagnosed (another fluke!) I had asthma since infancy, but it wasn’t until my late teens that my health really declined. Despite my lung function things have been mostly uneventful the past decade, which I’m beyond grateful for. The only real change was episodes of pancreatitis, which revealed I was PI at age 30, and then the trial and error of working enzymes into adult life — miralax anyone? 🙌🏼😂⁣

      🐝 Life with a chronicle illness requires us to learn to give up some control, which I think is the hardest part. Compartmentalizing that secret side of my life from the rest of it was something that helped me. That may not have worked for everyone, but it’s been my small way of maintaining control. As I’ve gotten older it’s harder to keep my CF in a private little box like I used to. Mostly because my stamina has changed, I started needing oxygen for exercise, and requiring enzymes. But, overall I’m incredibly fortunate for my health and I’ve learned there’s a lot of good that can come from putting yourself out there in the CF community. A few years back I connected with a group of women who I’m lucky to call my dear friends. As well as another treasured friend living in Europe. You know who you are ladies! I never would’ve found these amazing cysters if I hadn’t learned to open up a little. ⁣

      🐝When not holding a nebulizer I’m probably holding a camera. I started doing photography as a serious hobby in 2016 and it’s been the best addition to my life. It’s now hard to remember a time when I wasn’t creeping up on animals with a camera. 😝 It keeps me moving and nothing is a bigger mood booster than fresh air and the sun on my skin. It’s really the only hobby I’ve ever put in the work to learn. I also love reading, working with my hands, hiking, and every single dog on the planet. Pet all the dogs! So if you see a pup today please boop the snoot for me. ⁣

      What is a hobby that brings you joy? ⁣

      To see more information follow the link here!

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