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      Hi all! A friend, @jenny-livingstonrecently posted several questions about body image (a topic we’re so used to associating with women). But, this time, she wanted to know how body image affects men with CF. More specifically, what’re the ways CF has affected YOUR body image?


      1. How has body image affected YOU?
      2. Has CF influenced your body image or self esteem?

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      William Ryan

        It was hard growing up. I was always so skinny and had trouble putting weight or muscle on. Now, into adulthood, it’s easy for me to fluctuate between gaining and losing 20 pounds (believe me, losing the weight isn’t as bad as it may sound). But again, I’m also more comfortable with myself in my late 20’s opposed to 10 years ago when I was really struggling with body image. I’d see these guys I went to school with or guys I hung out with outside of school and they were muscular and getting girls. That’s hard as a teen and I knew it stemmed from CF! It definitely has. That’s why I’m a comedian now.

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