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      Luisa Palazola

      We’re stoked this week to have Breeann as our WCW. @vintage.doll is 31 years old and is from California. Here are the 3 things important to HER story with CF and transplant! ⁣

      🖤 I was diagnosed at 6 months and have been kicking CF’s butt since. I have an older sister and younger brother, but they don’t have CF! In school most didn’t know I had CF, as I made it a point to hide it. Honestly, I was embarrassed of all the mucus and GI issues. The only people who knew about my CF were close friends. While I didn’t play many sports, I enjoyed dance and tennis! My strong loving husband, Jered & I have have 2 children. With our faith and trust in God we were able to become parents in 2014. We adopted our 2 littles and all they know is us, Gavin is 4 & Jade is 2.⁣

      🖤 I’ve had to work since I was 15. I always wanted to become a wife/mom and a cosmetologist. But, my doc told me this wasn’t possible because of the chemicals that the career entailed, I would be risking my LF. Instead, I worked retail and then at a credit union, which was one of my favorite jobs. After working there for 2 years I got really sick and had to quit, which felt like I lost a bit of my identity. But, I became even closer to my faith in God, who I thank everyday. Having my port placed, g tube inserted, and being put on oxygen, it wasn’t long before being placed on the transplant list. Emotionally speaking, I waited for 2 years after having swapped clinics and changing insurance; but officially being listed, I waited 9 long months. ⁣

      🖤 December 30, 2018 I finally received my call for magical lungs. Thanks to my husband and babes, they were and still are my force to survive my transplant. I dream and have a passion to become a cosmetologist and I WILL be one some day. I love helping people and sharing my journey. I say journey because Tx has been a huge journey for me, on top of having CF, being a wife, and mother. Since Tx I discovered who I can count on and my capabilities, despite any obstacles. I can overcome anything with God and my tribe. I love hearing what others have overcome during Tx and CF life. Mental or physical. ⁣

      Who do you lean on most in time of need? ⁣
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