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  • Hunger Pains: Ben & Jerry’s Edition

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on April 20, 2021 at 1:10 pm

    Perhaps I’m saying this because I’m hungry, and perhaps it’s because I’m at the beach right now but…

    If you could create a Ben & Jerry’s flavor: what would it be?

    I love the quirky names and strange mash-ups, personally. If I had to decide, I think I’d choose a Thai Takeout theme and have coconut flavored ice cream with bits of sweet sticky rice, peanuts, and mango swirls… but that’s just because it sounds cool, not because I’d reach for that first.

    In reality, I have trashcan taste for toppings. I’d probably want ice-cream called Trash Can and add M&Ms, crunchy hazelnut-butter stripes (crunchy Nutella), raspberries, and too much cookie dough, and coffee ground ice cream. Can that be a thing?

    I must have been a raccoon in a former life.

    What about you?

    PS: We can also consider this series “How To Work Up An Appetite When You’re Losing Weight From CF”? Should this become a regular thing?

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