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  • Can I Never Answer an Email Again?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on October 6, 2021 at 10:24 am

    My “day off” yesterday ended up being the day where everything I couldn’t get done on the days “on” got piled on. It hurts a lot currently to write for long periods of time (it’s sort of silly how I can dance here and there post surgery, yet typing on a laptop is what makes me miserable?), but I had no other choice because it had to get done. It was emails and correspondences mostly, as well as essential guidelines for dancers for the stage week to come, but it took forever (and I’m somehow not exaggerating, even though forever is definitely exaggerating).

    I wanted to push it all and give myself a proper rest day… but then the texts start rolling in. “Did you post this?’ or “Can you send this contract back?” or “Can you fill out this medical form?” and on and on. You all can relate, I’m sure.

    “Can I help you with any of it, Mom?” my sweet daughter asked me, and I said: “Unless you can reply to people as me… then probably no.” Maybe I should let her pretend (lol)

    As a patient, what is one thing you wish could be taken off our plates entirely, so that we could have more time to heal or rest? 

    Example: Work? Bill paying? House cleaning? A chauffeur? A RT who makes house-calls and pounds on your back? 

    I honestly think that if my partner and I could have a little more “luck” in the financial department (the pandemic messed up his school job, and thus we still are struggling until his salary position begins again), then everything else would be a little easier because we could pay for much of the above… but is it really that simple?

    Honestly, having someone who answers all my emails and texts when my hands and spine hurt would probably be my less cliche answer. What about you? 

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