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      Jenny Livingston

      Let’s face it: CF is a total numbers game. Weight, lung function, blood sugar and vitamin levels, bone density, number of treatments per day, minutes spent working out, insurance premiums, copays, and the list goes on…⁣⁣
      It seems like a number can be attached to almost every facet of CF, but I’m guessing the number that weighs most heavily on many of our minds is our FEV1. ⁣⁣There can be a lot of pressure (both self-imposed and from the people who love us) to perform well and blow high numbers. When those numbers drop unexpectedly or decline despite your best efforts to keep them up, it can be devastating.

      But the older I get, the more I’ve realized how much of a disparity exists between what my numbers are and how I’m actually feeling. While numbers do symbolize something very important, they’re really just one piece of the puzzle.⁣⁣ I’d much rather focus on how I’m feeling and how well I’m functioning in day-to-day life.

      How do numbers, especially FEV1, affect your mindset? Do you find that you’re numbers are reflective of how you’re actually feeling? What are your thoughts on all this? 

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