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  • CF Awareness Month: Fundraising and Awareness

    Posted by jenny-livingston on May 3, 2022 at 9:20 am

    Here in the US, it’s CF Awareness Month! During this month the CF community really ramps up its advocacy, awareness, and fundraising efforts.

    I thoroughly enjoy taking part in CF awareness projects (speaking of which, be sure to check out the 31 Days of CF campaign currently taking place at CF News Today). My family always participates in Great Strides which is one of my favorite activities of the entire year. For the last two years, my daughter has put her creativity to use and she’s made purple rose soaps to sell and raise money for the CF Foundation.

    Do you take any extra measures to raise funds or awareness during CF Awareness Month? If you’re an international friend, does your country have awareness campaigns similar to this? How do you get involved in CF fundraising and awareness?

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