• Chinchillas and moments of glee

    Posted by luisa-palazola on February 16, 2019 at 10:30 pm

    So, this is a dumb picture of a chinchilla showing up on a chest x-ray. It made me smile when it propped up on my newsfeed from my Chinchilla Pet Owner’s group. Which leads me to this ridiculous tidbit of a story:

    I am part of a Chinchilla Pet Owners group on FB — something I am very honored to be a part of. Especially because, I do not and have never had a Chinchilla, but over the summer last year I came across this FB page and requested to join. To my surprise, I was accepted into the group without any question or proof of chinchilla ownership. I remember when I got accepted into the group, I was so weirdly excited and happy and told everyone at the museum I worked at that I had been accepted. My co workers joined in my excitement, but also a bit confused as to why I cared. It got to the point that I remember it even prompted this crazy conversation with a museum guest — who’s parents raised chinchillas!

    I think it’s the little things in life and the small moments of glee that can uplift your whole day. And if you let them come to you, they will. When I find an opportunity to smile, I like to share it as much as possible. And sometimes I come off a little silly, but I also would’ve never had such a day or learned that raising chinchillas was a thing. And now I have this absurd memory where I involved everyone at my museum (guests included) about the time I was accepted into a chinchilla pet owners group on Facebook.

    To more absurd moments of felicity

    I believe this to be on of the many miracles and beautiful moments of summer 2018, even if it’s something as silly as a Chinchilla Group

    Chinchilla in Lungs

    1. I’d LOVE to hear your silly moments that make you smile

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