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    Posted by luisa-palazola on January 14, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    Hey y’all, every week we feature a #MCM on our Instagram page. Today we featured Dan Longhurst from UK. Here are 3 things he defines as important to HIS story with CF:

    Dan Longhurst is 25 and is from Aveley, Essex, UK! Today he shares with us 3 things that HE finds important to his story with CF. Be sure to answer his question below!

    1. Growing up, especially through my teen years, is when I felt having CF was the hardest. As if growing up as a young man and trying to fit in wasn’t hard enough, throwing in having a life threatening condition seemed to make it more difficult. With a lack of social media and a CF community that I wasn’t particularly aware of, made me closed off and feel very alone. As a teen I struggled with keeping up with nebulisers and physio — as I felt they were a waste of time.

    2. However, one day just like any other, I woke up one morning and something just clicked. I appreciated the importance of my condition and it became my sole purpose: to never let CF beat me. It hit me that if I don’t keep myself well, healthy, and do my treatments that I would miss out on so much. I love adventure, traveling, exploring, challenges, new thrills, and making the most of every opportunity that presents itself. The motivation to do my treatments and keeping healthy is that no matter what, at any opportunity, I can seize the day.

    3. Recently, the greatest moment was meeting the most amazing person to share my life with @carydouglas. The most terrifying thing in my life had always been committing to something. Due to chance of not being able to have children, or becoming suddenly ill, or due to the life expectancy of CF fighters having my life cut short. Being a man and not being to live up to having a normal future, held me back. However, Carys has made that all seem so much less scary. She simply sees CF as something in the background that can be dealt with TOGETHER. She said it does not make and define me nor gets in the way, if anything, it has made me stronger as person. Both emotionally and physically.

    What experiences have you had where CF has been part of the challenge to achieve the goal, but accomplishing it made it even sweeter?

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