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    Let’s face it — the world of dating can be a scary place for anyone! For those of us with CF, I feel like we have some additional challenges. From coughing attacks and taking enzymes on dates, to talking about life expectancy and the uncertain future, CF adds a level of awkwardness and somber conversations that aren’t typically part of dating for most people.

    I’ve been told that I’m “harder to date than other girls” because of the extra time and attention my health requires. I have friends who were dumped when the person they were dating learned about CF and decided they couldn’t commit to a future with someone who would always be “sick.”

    But it’s not all bad! On my first date with my partner, I told him all about CF. I mean, the nitty gritty stuff — death of friends, mucus, hospitalizations, etc. I was pretty certain that I’d never hear from him again but before I even got home, he’d messaged to ask for a second date. He took it upon himself to research all that he could about CF, and he never let it deter him from pursuing our relationship. His willingness to listen and learn about CF was, to this day, one of the most romantic things I’ve ever experienced!

    What have your experiences with dating been like? At what point in the relationship do you tell them you have CF? Do you have any funny/awkward dating stories? 

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