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      Growing up, Rachel Reschke was compliant with her CF regimen but there was one thing she despised: exercise. Yet eventually, she found her desire to grow and to learn how to dance! Rachel soon found her body becoming stronger, and the number of times she was hospitalized decreased significantly.

      Fast forward, and Rachel is a personal trainer, manager of a corporate fitness facility, and group exercise instructor. Why? Because she tried something new and found her passion. “Having cystic fibrosis makes it difficult and uncomfortable to get physical activity and exercise, but I discovered what matters is we do what we can — with what our bodies will allow — and we find what we enjoy, while pushing ourselves a little.”

      Rachel, your positive energy is infectious!

      Now back to our CF Community: Are you able to include a form of exercise into your routine? If so, how has it helped you?

      To read the rest of Rachel’s story, and find out how her passion helps her CF, click here.

      Our #31DaysOfCF initiative is running for the entire month of May. Each day, we are featuring a different story, and a different view of life with CF. To read all of the stories, visit our website.

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      Paul met Debbie

      Great story, Rachel. Life is a dance indeed.

      The only excercise I have been able to include in my routine, is the routine itself. I do what my body wants doing. It is fully in tune with its needs as long and because I don’t mess this up with thinking and planning.

      So I happen to find myself walking our dog 4 times a day and doing everything that is required for normal activity. Every time in life that I planned different routines, I was only able to keep this up with will power for a limited time – altho sometimes for years – after which the routine failed. This is because in the end, what the mind planned did not resonate with the needs of the body. If I get out of the way, moving happens spontaneously in the right amount with joy and ease. This is my recipe.

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