• gina-michele

    May 16, 2024 at 1:10 pm

    Yes, many of my loved ones deal with multiple diagnoses. My spouse has CF, and on top of that, also has to deal with and manage having CF related diabetes. Additionally, his CF affects both his lungs and gastrointestinal system, so it can make something like eating a balanced, high-calorie, high-protein/ healthy fat/ low-to-no sugar diet a bit challenging. But, with the help of nutritionists, doctors, and the good old internet, we do find a way!

    Additionally, both of my parents have their share of multiple diagnoses as well. I do not have the help of siblings, so I do a lot of work myself helping to manage their diagnoses and routines. Needless to say, helping my loved ones to manage their diagnoses and care for themselves can be tiring and difficult at times (emotionally and physically), but it is now and will be always my priority. Because of this, I really do make a conscious effort to keep myself has healthy and alert as I can can, so that I can ensure that I am doing my best to always be here and present for them. Although I haven’t gotten it all worked out yet for myself, I am learning more about how to manage every day!

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