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      Jenny Livingston

      Yesterday my family and I spent some time in the mountains where the air was crisp and cool. There was evidence of autumn all around us in the form of bright orange and red leaves. It’ll still be a while before there are cooler temperatures in the valley where I live, but I find myself so looking forward to my favorite season — fall.

      But even as I dream about all the things I love about fall, I start dreading the symptoms that come with cooler weather. I’m already beginning to have an allergy flare-up (seasonal allergies are fairly new to me and I’m still trying to figure out which pollens bother me). When the temperature really dips, I’ll also begin having more issues with arthritis. Not to mention the fact that cold and flu season is on it’s way!

      Over the years, I’ve realized that there is definitely a correlation between the seasons and certain symptoms of mine. Do you experience this as well? I’ve heard the phrase that things “change like the weather” but do your physical symptoms also change with the weather? Do you find yourself feeling better or worse during a particular season? 

Viewing 0 reply threads
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