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      Bailey Vincent

      I wasn’t going to share this here because I thought “This doesn’t really have a place on the forum”, but then- after Jenny congratulated me and the surreal-ness kicked in- I thought… Why doesn’t it?

      So today, I’m going to go ahead and share my good news of the week.. But only if YOU share some sort of good news below and we can all celebrate together!

      Here is the post announcing my good news.

      I’m being very mysterious because… Why not? 

      But, If I had to come up with some other good news to mark the middle of the week, I would say the following 3 things:

      1. I am still experiencing shortness of breath and having a hard time reaching my surgeon but… at least I have a CT scan tomorrow? So there is some forward movement for my own psychology!

      2. My youngest daughter wants to adopt a needy kitten for her birthday and I love animals more than anything on earth so… it seriously is just a matter of time. I have no self control

      3.  I took a couple hours off of work (see also, shortness of breath) to watch trashy TV with wild abandon- The Bachelorette- and no one can shame me. (PS: Conner the Cat for life!)

      What are your 3 good things? 

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      Jenny Livingston

      I’m still totally proud of you and so very happy for you. Randy asked (re: your news) last night, “Is that a really big deal?” Admittedly, I don’t think I truly understand the magnitude, but I told him, “Bailey is crying, so I’m crying!”

      My three good things, off the top of my head:

      1) My chickens are free-ranging in during the days now, which is what I had always dreamed of but wasn’t sure it would be safe in our yard (we live in the foothills, right by the mountains, with all kinds of predators nearby). Turns out, they stick to a certain area of the yard, back by the horses, and a combination of our larger dog and our one rooster has kept them safe and happy, which makes me happy.

      2) Morgan is taking piano lessons from my cousin who is a very gifted musician. It’s been fun to see him after being so isolated the last year and a half, and watching Morgan learn something new is so much fun.

      3) My backyard deck is surrounded by flowers and hummingbird feeders. It is so peaceful and currently my favorite spot in the house/yard.

      Three simple, beautiful things. This is where I think the juice of life is — in the little things.


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      Paul met Debbie

      Wow, such an iconic place! Congratulations!

      Our three good things of the week: Sun, sun and sun! 🌻

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