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      Paul met Debbie

      How well do you tolerate wearing a covid face mask?

      Since covid, I have been wearing a face mask every now and then. It soon became clear that only ffp2 (N95) masks provided the necessary amount of protection against the virus, so I used these. Opening the door for the postman, talking to neighbors, a short visit to my personal physician – in situations like these I wore the mask for a short time without a problem.

      Recently I had to wear the mask for a longer time and tried to walk with it for a longer distance. It turned out, neither was possible. I could only do about 30 ft walking, and even when calmly sitting down I became seriously short of breath after 5 minutes and had to take the mask down. My 25% fev1 is no doubt the reason for that.

      I have not been visiting my hospital/cf center since the start of covid, because in the beginning all visits were cancelled and after that I talked to my doctor and nurse on the phone and wrote e-mails when I needed advise. PFT’s were done at home as well and sent in via internet, so everybody was happy. But now I found out that wearing an ffp2 mask will actually indeed prevent me from visiting my cf team in the future as long as covid is around, since the cf department is buried deep into the crevices of the hospital. From the car park it is a steep 1200 ft walk, and even if someone would push me there in a wheelchair, it would take more time to do that than I can tolerate wearing the mask, so that would not leave time for a talk or procedure once arrived. Recently this even prevented me from getting my covid shot in the cf center ūüôĀ

      I must admit this is a surprising and somewhat uncomfortable conclusion to say the least. Fortunately, I can still reach my personal physician since she resides in a small building with car parking right in front. And she makes house calls as well. We got the flu shot in our own kitchen last October from her. But I doubt that my cf team is able or willing to pay me the same courtesy.

      Did anyone else ran into troubles like these due to wearing a covid face mask and if so, which solutions did you find for it, alone or together with your team?


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