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      Bailey Vincent

      Last Wednesday I wrote about a “split challenge” that I’m doing. I mentioned it in passing on the forum super fast, but I wanted to share more about its origins with an important motive (so hang with me for a second!)

      The boring subtext is this: I want to get closer to my splits on both legs because stretching those muscles aids a huge swath of flexibility needs in dance, and I am so regressed from where I once was that I’m embarrassed to even face it. My hips and back have locked up to the point that I can’t even get close to doing it without being supported (I literally use a bar stool and slide down, because I can’t touch the ground with fingertips yet). And the more I think about how impossible and far away it all seems, the more I talk myself out of even trying.

      I could talk a lot about splits, and my lame body, and my inner shame, but that’s not the point of this post. Instead, I wanted to ask you the following question, and then tomorrow, I wanted to share some geeky research I came across when studying up the best approach and how it might apply to CF health psychology.

      So, first thing’s first: What is the one thing in your health routine that you can talk yourself out of doing fastest?

      Why do you avoid it so much and how has that potentially impacted your health?

      Is there a way, if you had to really compromise with yourself and meet yourself in the middle, that you could find an “in between” version of that hated health habit, so even if you’re not “stretching yourself” all the time… you’re not failing either?

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