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      Luisa Palazola

      I’ve been dealing with pretty gnarly migraines over the last few weeks. I’m no stranger to migraines, in fact when I was 16, I was admitted because of getting migraines. That admission, I also had an MRI of my head — and, it turns out I have a birth abnormality called Arnold Chiari Malformation — type 1.5 to be exact. It’s the when the

      “lower part of the cerebellum — but not the brain stem — extends into an opening at the base of the skull”

      I don’t think it was a major concern to my team, but I was referred to a neurosurgeon and neurologist. The surgeon didn’t think it would cause me any problems in the forseeable future, but surgery could be needed as I get older — I think to relieve the pressure. And, my migraines were handled with a prescription for Keppra (an anti convulsant) for long term management, and sumatriptan for immediate relief.

      Anyways, because I’ve been having headaches again — my lil skull malformation has been lingering in my mind. I feel like the headaches associated with a chiari malformation are pretty brutal — and, right now I’m an annoyed and nauseated. So, I think it’s just time to see a neurologist and figure out a game plan and perhaps up my dose of Keppra. Part of me is inclined to look into hypnosis as well.

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