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      Luisa Palazola

      We’re excited to present Nicholas as our MCM! Here are 4 things important to @breathe__with__me story with CF: ⁣⁣
      🌙 I spent the majority of my life hiding from CF. I was selective about who I told. This led to me being selective about who I’d do treatments around and when I would do them. I was healthy enough growing up that I was able to get away with skipping treatments and neglecting the fact that I have a chronic illness. I played sports. I love football. I went to the University of Nebraska. Go Huskers! I continued my education at Queens University where I got an MFA in Poetry. Staying physically fit helped me stay healthy, but I wish I would’ve stayed more compliant with treatments. Now at 35 years old, I do extra treatment(s) daily to make up for all the times I didn’t do them before.⁣⁣
      🐺There’s a lot of people in the CF community who are dedicated to fitness and speak out on the benefits of staying physically active, but I think it’s equally important to stay mentally fit. As humans (especially men), we are conditioned to not talk about our mental health. It’s seen as a weakness, but I find there’s great strength in vulnerability. I wish everyone went to therapy. It wasn’t until I started going that I really learned how to deal with my disease head on. A friend of mine who’s Buddhist told me to “run towards your obstacles.” Those words saved my life.⁣⁣
      🌙 I live in Omaha with my wife Kristin, our three dogs, and a mean ole’ kitty. They are my support system. As a young man with a chronic illness I never envisioned myself getting married. I thought that this illness would always be mine to carry alone, but ever since I’ve opened up about my experience with CF, my life has become rich with opportunity. ⁣⁣
      🐺I run a program that sends poets into prisons to teach creative writing. This has been a lifelong dream of mine. One of the best ways for me to stay mentally fit is through writing. I hope to pass on my love for writing to as many people as possible. Navigating life as an adult with CF isn’t easy, so I write to express my emotions. I may have CF but it does not define who I am, only I can do that. ⁣⁣

      For more information you can check out the IG link!

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      I really relate to the comment about hiding from CF. It’s only been recently that I’ve started really talking about it. It’s something that I think can be hard to talk about because it always feels awkward.

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        nicholas bell

        I agree it’s definitely awkward. Sometimes people can clam up and feel weird hearing that news. I also just longed to be “normal” never realizing that it was precisely this struggle (CF) that makes me who I am. And I’m happy with who I am.

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