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      Jenny Livingston

      I was scrolling Facebook the other night and saw a post that said, “If you’re a nurse, somewhere there is a patient who holds you in their memory forever because you were kind.” 

      I immediately got a bit emotional as I was flooded with memories of nurses who have been kind to me throughout the years. The nurse who brought me handwritten notes each morning with my pills. The nurse who listened to my concerns, even after a doctor had been dismissive of them, and pushed for answers when I was having an allergic reaction to a drug. The nurse who helped me wrap my swollen chest when I was unexpectedly hospitalized and separated from my breastfeeding infant (which is a pain that only women who have breastfed can understand). The nurses who have helped me to and from the bathroom when I’ve been too weak to make it across my hospital room unassisted. The nurse who looked into my eyes, held my hand, and assured me that everything would be okay when I was undergoing a painful and traumatic procedure.

      As a cystic fibrosis patient, I’ve had my fair share of hospital stays, and they don’t necessarily get easier with time. In fact, in many ways, they only get more difficult. The people who care for me can (and continually do) make such a difference! My life has been touched by countless nurses who have gone above and beyond their job calling, and I am eternally grateful to them for that.

      Who do you hold in your memory? Have you had similar experiences with nurses? I want to hear about it!

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