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      I recently saw a post from a friend (non CF) that she wasn’t trying to host a pity party in relation to an illness she is now dealing with.

      This caught my attention for various reasons. First off, in no way did I think she was throwing a pity party. But, as I thought about it, I realized how important pity parties are. Here is my limited list as to why I think it’s totally 100% okay to feel sorry for yourself:

      It’s necessary for you:
      1. You’re acknowledging something difficult and decompressing through sharing
      2. Oftentimes, these are big changes. And pity parties become more of coping mechanisms for the time being

      It isn’t an indication of:

      1. Weakness
      2. Trying to draw attention
      3. Self absorption

      And, those who love you:
      1. Want to know what’s going on
      2. Aren’t going to judge you

      1. I think when you open up about your life, it not only becomes an outlet. But also an opportunity for you to educate other’s
      2. And, in exchange. You sometimes learn more about

      So, I think if you frame pity parties in the right light — they’re crucial in growing and learning to live with whatever comes your way. You’re human, give yourself a break!

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