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    Posted by jenny-livingston on January 30, 2023 at 7:00 am

    When I was young, my mom was always on the lookout for high-fat, high-calorie recipes. She wanted to be sure to pack as much nutrition into our food as possible. As I’ve gotten older and modulators have entirely changed the weight game for me, I don’t necessarily require as many calories as I used to. However, I am still a major foodie and thought it would be fun to swap some tried and true recipes here.

    The following recipe for overnight oats (served two ways) is from CF community member Aimee Lecointre.

    Blueberry Cashew Overnight Oats
    Yields two servings.
    1 cup rolled oats
    1 cup milk of choice (I like cashew milk for this
    one, but whole milk or almond milk are also good)
    ¼ cup cashew butter
    1 cup blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    ½ cup toasted cashews
    Sea salt
    1. Add two tbsp of cashew butter to two 8 oz mason jars. Then to each jar add ½ cup of oats, ½ cup of blueberries, ½-1 tbsp pure maple syrup, a pinch of sea salt, a dash of cinnamon, and ½ cup of milk.
    2. Top each jar with a lid and give a good shake. Store in refrigerator overnight. Top with toasted cashews before serving and enjoy straight from the jar!

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Overnight Oats
    Yields two servings.
    1 cup rolled oats
    ¼ cup peanut butter (or nut butter of choice)
    1 cup milk of choice (I like whole milk,
    cashew milk, or almond milk)
    6 tbsp chia seeds
    2 tbsp cocoa powder
    1-2 tbsp pure maple syrup
    A couple of pinches of sea salt
    Optional: chocolate chips
    1. Drizzle 2 tbsp of peanut butter into the bottom of two 8 oz mason jars. Then add ½ cup oats, 1 tbsp
    cocoa powder, 3 tbsp chia seeds, and a pinch of sea salt to each jar. Give a quick stir with a spoon.
    2. Next, add ½ to 1 tbsp of maple syrup then ½ cup of milk to each jar. Place lids on jars tightly, then give them a good shake. Place them in the fridge overnight and they are ready to go in the morning! Top with some chocolate chips or cacao nibs if you’d like and eat straight from the jar! If you’d prefer, you can mix all ingredients in one larger container and refrigerate overnight.

    What are some of your favorite recipes? Please feel free to share them here!

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  • William

    February 1, 2023 at 6:19 pm

    I’m not a chef but those chocolate peanut butter overnights oats sound delicious!

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