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    Posted by luisa-palazola on June 26, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    Every week, we feature a person from the CF community. Click here for original post.

    Today we have Rowena as our WCW. @diariesofasaltymummy is 29 years old and is from Sydney, Australia. Here are three things she finds important to her story with CF: ⁣
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    🌸I was diagnosed with CF at 3 months old, the doctors told my parents I wouldn’t survive beyond my teens, I was a very active child loved swimming and athletics. Sadly I school life was different and I was bullied in primary school and high school, I hid my CF from everyone and rarely discussed it with family. In doing this I felt alone and depressed. At 14 I went through body issues and I often starved myself or made myself throw up, I wasn’t officially diagnosed with anorexia or bulimia but after noticing the signs my mother was proactive and able to get me help through the hospital, I suffered many body issues and it took me many years to work through them..⁣⠀ ⁣⠀
    🌸I met my husband, Jimmy, at 20 during a rebellious stage in my life, I wasn’t compliant with treatments and my CF felt like it spiraling out of control. There was a sense of security that I felt with him and I was able to be honest with him about CF. I gave him the choice of walking away, but he refused to. In 2012 We got married at 22. We went through many obstacles in the first few years of marriage, one being infertility. In 2015 we welcomed our son Carter J into our home after a long adoption process. He has given me so much hope and strength to fight every day. ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀ ⁣⠀
    🌸It took a lot of soul searching, but I’ve definitely been more open about CF with friends and family, especially with my son and Jimmy. They are affected by CF too. My son accompanies me often to my appointments and sees my struggles at home, so I make sure I’m honest with him and I also make sure he sees me fighting hard to be there for him. We share a lot of ourselves on Instagram because I want the public to see all aspects of CF, especially younger CFers to see that love, family and a life with CF is possible! Last year I was asked to publicly speak and share my life story at a beauty pageant, such an empowering moment in my life!⁣⠀ ⁣⠀
    My boys are my everything and I fight for us every day, My Q to the CF community is who do you fight for?

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