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      I was responding to a post by @tre-larosa about being overwhelmed, and while I was writing I realized that that I wanted/needed to go to the beach. How the beach is more than just a vacation, but it’s a safe space for me.

      Growing up, that’s where we went was to the beach for vacation. So of course, I have strong and positive associations of between the beach, childhood, and family. And — even more so, the beach itself is such incredible therapy for my lungs, I immediately feel better when I breathe salty air.

      The beach, without doubt is healing for me.

      But, I look back on my memories. The thing I’ve done since I was a child, and I do to this day: I sit at the shore and let my toes and feet sink deep in the sand. The sun glazes over my shoulders and I’m reminded of the vastness and the power I’m surrounded by and equally immersed in. It’s an immense sense of gratitude to be a part of the ocean in this way, and to a greater extent, this Universe. I feel life tingle through me and I feel a sense of home.

      1. What’s your safe space?
      2. What emotions arise when you’re there?

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