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      Luisa Palazola

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      Hey guys! We’re stoked to have Sarah as our WCW this week. @saltysarah65 is 29 years old and lives in LA. Here are three things important to HER story with CF. Be sure to answer her question below.⠀
      ❣️They said I would not live to see jr high, but 29 years later I’m still going strong. ⁣⠀
      I didn’t have my first hospitalization until I was 9 years old. My FEV1 was still in the 90’s throughout my teens. My early twenties were tougher. More IVs, longer hospital stays, tougher bugs in my lungs to fight, and a big drop in FEV1 (high 60s). After a lot of hard work, my FEV1 is now back up to 73% as of my last clinic appointment. I’d love to get it to 80%.⁣⠀
      ❣️Despite my CF progression, my life has been wonderful. It took 7 years, but I eventually graduated with a degree in nutrition, dietetics and food science in 2015. I met my husband during that time and we married in 2014. Currently we are trying to have children. My CF doctor feels my health is in a good place, so we are hoping that will happen soon – either naturally or through adoption. In the meantime, we rescued a cat and she’s our fur baby. ⁣⠀
      ⁣❣️The mental wellness side of having a chronic illness was not something I really paid attention to until I met my husband. He opened my eyes to the idea of how powerful our thoughts can be in physical well-being. Of course, I know that CF can’t just go away with enough “happy thoughts.” But, I can attest that maintaining a positive worldview has been transformative in my overall mental and physical wellness, as well as my outlook on life in the last few years, despite my FEV1 decline. I am very blessed to have such wonderful people in my life. They contribute greatly to my overall quality of life.⁣⠀
      Q: What is one thing you wish you could go back and your younger self? Advice? Reveal something about your future?⁣⠀
      A: – Mine would be 1) high five myself for doing good complying with my treatments all those years. And 2) comfort myself teenage-self that I do deserve (and ultimately find) an amazing guy who loves me, CF and all. Even though it took longer to find him than I would have wanted, he was worth it.

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