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      Jenny Livingston

        “Self-care” seems to be a very trendy phrase right now. From status updates to blogs to news articles, self-care is surging in popularity! When I first started seeing this self-care trend emerge, I was a little annoyed. “All I ever do is take care of myself,” I thought.

        But a conversation with a good friend helped me reframe my thinking about this. Self-care is more than my everyday healthcare tasks, it’s an ongoing process of trying to meet my mental and emotional needs as well. Perhaps the people most in need of self-care are those who are tied up in a never ending cycle of self-taking-care-of.

        Taking care of myself looks like treatments, medications, and exercise. Self-care looks like allowing myself to rest when needed or taking a walk, not necessarily as a form of exercise, but just to enjoy a few minutes of sunshine.

        Taking care of myself looks like doctors appointments and refilling prescriptions. Self-care looks like getting a massage or making a salon appointment to get my hair done.

        The differences might appear subtle, but these moments of self-care have a huge impact.

        It’s doing things that make me happy, rather than doing the things I must do to stay well. It takes me out of the space where I’m focused on my health, and allows me to focus on my overall wellbeing and happiness instead.

        What are your thoughts on self-care? What are your favorite self-care activities and tips? Do you value self-care or do you think it’s a bit indulgent/unnecessary? 


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