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  • Story Share: Who Is Your Best Friend With CF?

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on December 11, 2019 at 3:20 pm

    QUESTION: Tell us about the best friend you’ve ever had with CF

    I posted a new column this week and it has to do with the pros and cons of connecting with those in the CF community. It even has to do with serving as a bridesmaid for a friend with CF, some years back!

    Although I’ve been fortunate to have many friends with CF over the years, my friend Zachary made a lasting impact. I met him because we bonded online about art (namely Frida Kahlo) and it spiraled from there in the best way possible. When Zach was near the end of his life, my eldest daughter had to call my best hearing-girl friend (because of my hearing loss, I can’t use the phone) and tell her that Uncle Zach was dying and to “come fast”. My best girl friend rushed to us, and we all sat in a parked car (while she interpreted for me) and said our final words to Zach, who was intubated at the time, but could hear our voices.

    I got a tattoo for Zachary some years later. A boomerang since he always bounced back. Since then, we’ve created a sister company to my professional dance company- Company 360- called ComeBacks (what goes around comes back around… just like a boomerang!) My best friend- the one who helped interpret as Zach passed away- co-directs the company with me, and the goal is to be an inclusive dance company for those dealing with unpredictability of chronic illness. Our logo, fittingly, involves a boomerang.

    Please share YOUR friend stories below so we can continue the love and legacies!

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