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      Paul met Debbie

      Awaking in the dark. It’s still night. Not much air, I sit up. Coughing doesn’t help, the air doesn’t catch. Some more breathing. I walk around a little, shedding some half forgotten dreams, return to bed and lie down. After some more coughing, things start to loosen up in my airways. Finally, after a couple of more breathing exercises and one more sit-up, some clearance – this feels better. After lying down, some more coughing and now it feels okay again. What was all the fuss about?

      I put my body in, what I call, the Minimum Required Energy State (mres). This technique is a result of doing many meditative body scans in the past, checking each part of the body consciously for tension and trying to release it or let it be. Now, after years of practice, it only takes one small conscious moment of attention – and then I can drop the entire body in one moment of presence. This puts me into a sort of bodyless state, where – lying still – I can’t feel the body at all anymore and every muscle and joint is as relaxed as it can be. I am reduced (or increased?) to a single point of awareness, floating in space – my true nature. This is the last experience I have before oblivion.

      Awaking again, sunlight is oozing in. I remember: today will be the first really warm summery day in this cold spring. One day in between many overcast and chilly ones, tomorrow clouds are predicted again and a drop in temperature. This thought helps to clear Morpheus’ spell instantly.

      And it’s not just a Sunday – it’s Mother’s Day! I have bought a little gift for Debbie to be presented to her by Buddha, because she is our – furry – daughter after all. When Debbie and Buddha are having the first morning walkabout, I prepare a little text message with a picture of Buddha and print it on glossy paper, then attach it to the gift. Buddha will present it to Debbie later this morning, when we have our breakfast on our loggia. Yes, we can do our first loggia-breakfast of this spring today! I finish my little tinkering just in time – there they come!

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