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      Paul met Debbie

      On YouTube last week I heard some one say (I think it was on the channel called Green Renaissance):
      “Always say what you mean and mean what you say. Those who mind, don’t matter. And those who matter, won’t mind.”

      At face value, this sounded right to me. And simple. And forthright. After all, saying what you don’t mean seems useless, not true, untrustworthy. And not saying what you mean … well, now it gets a bit more difficult. It’s not always the right thing to do, being outspoken. Sometimes, or perhaps in many cases, it’s better to keep quiet. Not speak out, or at least, not yet. But this still leaves room for the statement, that IF you decide to say anything, it’s better to say what you mean. Or else be quiet.

      Now, why I am saying this? I have no idea. Perhaps I wanted to share the tile-wisdom I picked up on YouTube. Perhaps I just sat down at the laptop to start my Sunday column, nothing else came to the surface of my consciousness, and I just wanted to see how far I could stretch the subject. And thinking about this, another more profound subject pops up: how much of what is written and said, on a daily basis, by the verbal and literate part of humanity, is really worth saying and telling? I fear: very little. An infinitesimal small part probably.

      A large part is about “what happens”, and pushed under the header of “news”. Mostly, these are reruns of the past. In the history of earth, and the universe, almost everything has already happened before in some form or another and it repeats itself. And by the time it has been understood, reported, printed, published, broadcasted etc. it is, technically, not new anymore anyway because it has already happened. One could sincerely ask the question if anything new happens at all, except the fact that changes seem to occur (in an illusory stream we call “time”).

      But now we reach another level in this subject: if nothing new really happens, and we look for novelty in vain, and still continuously we experience this process of change that we call “being” – what is it all about? And if we also are that, which occurs (and why should we be the exception to the rule?), then to whom or what does everything occur in the first place?

      No one knows. This is the unknowable substratum that is the source of everything and nothing. It is reality in its purest form. It is here, where change happens every “now”, and every now will be completely new in itself, independent of its apparent content. It is the still spaciousness that timelessly gives rise to everything, and to which everything timelessly returns. Noticing this stillness is a source of true happiness, and it is what the world needs most. And if you still feel the need for words and actions, let stillness direct them.

      Pointing to this, I thought, might still be worth the words on this quiet Sunday Morning.

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