• Sunday Morning (13)

    Posted by paul-met-debbie on May 30, 2021 at 8:55 am

    After the morning ritual we find ourselves sitting in the loggia for lunch. Buddha is busy chewing her little lunch-treat, after a short walk outside because she did not feel the need for a longer one, protesting my moving on by holding back and looking over her shoulder. Still, I need my steps for fitness and pushed on a little further, until we both returned home gladly. We suspect she has found a routine in going together with the car to unknown places after lunch, so she wants to get the morning walks over quickly, get us to eat lunch and then she gets her favorite activity.

    But now she has settled on the couch to watch us doing what needs to be done first. Debbie is ironing and I am looking at the pictures we took yesterday from the homework our art students supplied for this month. They are all beautiful in their own right, as different as they are. I do some editing on the pictures for composition and exposure, so Debbie can process them all into a nice presentation which they will all receive by email later this week, one day before we send out the assignments for next month. Since covid, we have been working with them like this and the results are by no means less than before, when we had one afternoon meeting every month with them at our home. Now, they can work all month long if they want and create as much as they can, and both the level and quantity of their productions is impressive. Coming year we plan to continue this routine, hopefully they all will join again.

    Ready with editing I change the program and start on my Sunday Morning contribution, though by now it is way past noon. Never mind, time is an illusion anyway.  So is language. How much can we convey in words? Very little and only primitively. Still, in our dualistic society we have to engage in language to make things work, alas. Best thing is to use as little words as possible, and when, try to not increase the separation even more. We can do this by using not only few words, but also the right ones. Including words. Words that point to unity. Earlier this week I read Bailey’s latest column* about the word “Adaptive” and replacing this for the word “Dynamic”. Meaning that if society needs to accommodate circumstances to level the playground for all of its participants, no matter their capabilities, these modifications should not be seen or felt as a difficult or expensive or troublesome or in any way “lesser” adaptation of the “normal”, but just as providing different dynamics in order to let everyone partake equally. With the word “dynamic” we can also express more clearly that everyone has an equal right to participate, and that modifying circumstances for this to happen is by no way to be seen as a favor that anyone gets or should have to beg for, but as an innate right that directly flows back to a wish for non-separation. Bailey concludes her column by saying:

    “I am not the adapted version of your “better”. I just am. Exactly as I should be.”

    I could not agree more. If we all just could refer to just Being and live life from there, the world would be a better place instantly. No time or words needed.




    * Life in the Grey, Let’s adapt the word “Adaptive”, by Bailey Vincent

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