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      Paul met Debbie

      Starting with our beloved morning ritual. Sitting on the couch, savoring a good coffee with a lot of milky foam, a knäckebröd with cheese and marmalade. Slowly awakening from this miraculous thing we call sleep, trying to remember some fragments of dreams and sharing these with each other. The sun already shining brightly upon a blue sky, mixed with very white clouds. A little breeze coming from the southwest and a nice morning temperature to hold it all together. Silently contemplating the unknowable shift from dreaming to be asleep to dreaming of being awake – which one is the real thing, if any? How could we ever know the difference, and is it important at all? Or is there only one underlying awareness, shifting from awareness of absence to awareness of presence, both with their unique flavor but features of the same wholeness that pervades us.

      Walking the dog, then returning home and preparing to leave again. Asking the dog to take care of the house, telling her that we will back soon – after which she happily proceeds to the bedroom, jumps on the bed and wiggles her tail, expecting her little treat. Checking the house and locks, closing windows and moving the drinking glass filled with water for the dog from the living room to the bedroom. Closing the door to the living room, presenting the dog with her chewy, saying goodbye to her and leaving the apartment together.

      Enjoying the coolness of the stairwell, entering the parking and opening the car. The young couple that also lives in the appartment building, has recently bought a boat, parked on a trailer next to our car – a happy sight. Today they are going for their maiden trip, he told us yesterday. Driving the car, occasionally talking and looking at Debbie sitting next to me, finding our way to the city. The man shows us where to park. Debbie puts on her face mask, checks the paperwork again and together we walk to the entrance. She disappears into the building, after a minute I can see her walking to the little rooms and than she is out of sight. I wait outside, it’s not my turn today, I have had my shots already. Sooner than expected Debbie appears again, not having waited the 15 minutes after, and slowly we walk to the car, relieved that all went well. Driving home taking a different way through the city center, turning west and crossing the bridge over the river, where we as always feel a sense of freedom having left the city and returning to the more natural environment of the countryside. It’s only 10 miles to our hamlet, and we are welcomed home by a happy doggie, who immediately finds my home slippers, runs to the living room and jumps on the couch to present them to me in exchange for her little treat.

      Coffee and a sandwich on the loggia. Sunday morning has only just started.


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