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      Paul met Debbie

      Recently, Jenny asked about pill-organizers. It seemed a good subject for my Sunday morning talk. Here it is. My 30th already, wow.

      Currently, I am my pill organizer. It is a complex and intuitive system that works rather well, and I have back-up app for security. Mostly when my app beeps, I have already taken the pills of which it wants to remind me. So, how does it work?

      I have a large supply in a cabinet in the little library room. The pills I take with the hot meal (creon, vitamin supplements, calcium, iron) are in the kitchen. The evening/night pills (losec) are in the bathroom to take when brushing my teeth before going to bed. As are the early morning pills (same routine after rising – losec and prednisone). And I have a little pocket pillbox with some creon, losec and a tylenol to go. There is a story about this one here.  Currently, I am without antibiotics, but when I am on, these pills are in a drawer in the coffee table near the couch, to take in the morning and evening when – sitting on the couch – doing my nebulizing. That is also where I store the Kaftrio. And the salt water and ventolin for nebulizing. And the nebulizer.

      So basically, I  organized my pills around my activities and habits. Sometimes it happens that my routine is disturbed – when brushing teeth, postman rings – and then I am in trouble and might forget my losec for instance. Only to find out in the afternoon when my stomach starts to protest the acid wave. When I am not sure about taking the losec or not, I take a half dose extra just in case. Because sometimes I just answer my little app without really looking at it clearly.

      I looked at pill organizers after seeing your question on the forum, Jenny. What a lot of choice, incredible! And the colors – dazzling. I am not sure I am up to this overchoice. Please let me know what you decided, and if you are happy with it – I might just follow your lead. Or I wait for my dream pillbox: a voice commanded little drone, that is stand by 24-7, can hover towards me and present the correct pills after I just called it.  “Creon, please, 2” – and there it is, flying before my hands, and a lovely voice says: “Here are your pills, Paul – do you need a little drink?” And sometimes, when I am really lazy, Debbie gets my pills for me. That’s even better.


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