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      Paul met Debbie

      We are still looking around for another rental apartment, there is no hurry and there is not much in offer currently that even remotely suits our wishes. Still, every now and then we spot something on the internet, look at the pictures and the location and decide to take a look.

      So today we drove about 30 miles south to the city of Heerlen, where an apartment is on offer in a very old farmhouse from 1776. Of course it has been divided into modern apartments recently and has been modernized to current standards. I know this environment from my youth, it is nearby the cemetery where my younger brother is buried, and this grave also is used to accommodate both my parents. However, we didn’t visit the grave, but used the time and energy to look at the apartment and its surroundings. It looks great from the outside, and the apartment has it own private back entrance through a small garden. We were so lucky to contact one of the present residents who also  showed us the inside central court, where the front entrance is situated, the building is in a square around that. The court was beautifully landscaped with a small pond and several nice little corners to sit, and nice plants and trees. We contacted the estate agent to make an appointment to look inside the apartment. It might be a tad small, looking at the description, but we want to see it nevertheless because it is such a special location. Perhaps this will happen coming week.

      It was the best of weather today, a fresh north-eastern breeze with a clear blue sky and a lot of sun, so we enjoyed both the half an hours drive and the walkabout. Only 5 minutes walking from the apartment there is a beautiful forest with a small brook, enough benches in the sun and great hiking trails, and our little dog Buddha had a wonderful time as well, sniffing out this new territory. Yesterday she also had a trip like that, even further south, to another location that we thought was interesting, but it turned out that from the house (also a characteristic old timbered farm house) there was no direct access to natural trails, so we would have to take the car every time to get to and in nature directly.

      We made beautiful pictures of the both the trips and Debbie has selected a few of them to print out and fill our album a bit further as a reminder of our escapades. And every time we come home after a trip like this, we are amazed and delighted with our current apartment, which is hard to top. But looking around is an amusing activity and there is still a lingering wish in both of us to find  a place that is even more directly connected to nature, a bit more remote than our current dwelling where we resided for the last 11 years. However, I am writing this in our beautiful living room, first floor, windows all around and more than enough place for our cute family and feeling lucky and happy. Moving or not moving, that’s not the question – being here right now without any interference from the personal mind is the most important thing.

      Buddha already had diner, and has withdrawn in the bedroom after her afternoon walk, having filled her nose to the brim with all new impressions today, so she needs some extra recuperation time to dream-clean her mind and rest her hairy paws. Debbie is preparing our dinner and soon Buddha will no doubt return and join us in the living room again. Yup, there she is. The evening is about to start and another great day is about to slowly wind down and finish.

      We wish you’ll a great Sunday!


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