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      Paul met Debbie

      Spring has definitely sprung. Although temperatures are below normal since the start of April, nature still works steadily on its new clothes for this season, and it shows. Even the pear trees are blossoming for the bumblebees to enjoy, and the birds make their best music to attract mates and celebrate this new phase of life.

      Lately, we have been re-discovering our neighborhood and a lot of picturesque spots we know with the “new” car. No better way to get acquainted with a car than by driving it – and in my case, doing little maintenance things like changing the cabin air filter (that’s about the summit of my mechanic talents in action, and only because for me clean air is a bit of an acquired interest). Debbie feels the car fits her like a glove and she really enjoys driving it, so we share the time spent behind the wheel (at least) equally. These are small outings, we usually are in-and-out within 2 hours, but nevertheless they tend to define the day in a pleasant way, and it’s equally enjoyable to stay at home on the next.

      The rural surroundings of our little hamlet are ideal for excursions like these, no need to use the highways, and we can keep the average speed low without being a driving chicane for others, so as to enjoy what we see. Speeding up nature is generally not a good idea, so walking would be an even better way to experience reality. But we would not get further from home this way than by walking the dog, and physical condition doesn’t allow for hours of footwork in my case. Combining a short drive in the car with a little walkabout at the destination is the perfect solution for this.

      On our trip we always carry a good camera and take beautiful and funny pictures, to enjoy when home again. Mostly I check them out first in a photo editing session, and then Debbie designs and prints a collage-like presentation of the best ones to go in our current album. Sitting on the couch with a cup of tea and some sweets we then enjoy reliving the trip virtually again and sometimes even discover things on the pictures that we missed on the spot. So much to see in so little time! Meanwhile, Buddha has been inhaling so many new images and scents that she will mostly totally collapse on the cough for hours once home again, after quenching her thirst by drinking a whole bowl of water first. She doesn’t need a camera to relive the experience, but instantly starts dreaming to do just this in a natural way.

      Often, after having marveled at the photographic harvest of the day, we take one of our older albums as well and take a trip down memory lane. These albums form our image-diary and we vividly relive the moments that are in the so called past now, but actually spring to life immediately by just watching them together. We feel that all experiences are only in the present, no matter when they originated. We have them in the now, relive them in the now and even those that have not yet occurred, will start to live in the now once they manifest. We only have to be present for that. This is the power of now – Eckhart is right.

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