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  • Talking About Grief (and Dance and Music)

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on October 1, 2021 at 10:03 am

    What a week. Pain. Work. Work. Pain. So busy… but also always a little bit happy to be busy, I think. Despite this, we are working through some heavy topics in dance rehearsal last night. 

    One of the lead characters thinks that the love of her life has been killed, and so she has a slow slow slow denial-level reckoning ‘on stage’, much akin to the “mad scene” in Gisele when she dies of a broken heart. Ours is set to this version of Motion Picture Soundtrack [originally by Radiohead], if you want something stunning to listen to this morning (highly recommend!)

    Explaining grief to someone who likely hasn’t experienced it – the dancer playing this part is about 16- is always sort of weird, especially when we don’t want to make things personal. But grief IS personal for many of us, and I’d almost wager that there isn’t a single person with CF who hasn’t been hit by CF-related loss in their lifetime. Whether a pen pal, an online friend, a real life friend or sibling, and beyond.

    I want to touch on this a bit more next week, if you’re willing (I will tread lightly, I promise), but the first thing I wanted to ask was:

    Do you recall your reaction when finding out someone you loved, admired or befriended with CF had passed?

    In our show, we have a beautiful song. We have slow stilted movement. But in real life… we have none of those things. It’s not a chilling scene in a dance show; grief is ugly and raw and shocking and (I think) different for every one of us.

    So, while knowing this is a sensitive subject and you by all means to now have to answer, would you be willing to share how grief felt for you, in the early stages? 

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