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      Luisa Palazola

      Ok so dating and CF for me has been an interesting experience. Edit: dating is an interesting experience.

      I’m pretty upfront about my CF with anyone, dates included. Granted, I have a tattoo of a pair of lungs on my left arm, so it’s hard not to talk about it (cf). But, I wear CF on my sleeve for several reasons:

      1. CF has molded me into the passionate person I am, it’s a huge part of my story. And I think a huge part of dating is sharing your story with another person. And, if someone isn’t receptive to the fire behind my passion, then I think that’s a huge indicator of what a potential future could be.
      2. Speaking of being receptive. How someone responds to me having CF, helps me gauge and sift through who could be a potential partner. And, those who aren’t asking questions, in my experience, aren’t interested.

      However, this is how I share my story and myself to the world. And, it’s by no means the right way or wrong way. How do you open up about CF? What have been some of the phenomenal responses?

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      Maria Zoumpou

      Hello everyone..! I am always straightforward about it. From
      the very beginning. Me having cf is mentioned at the first very few dates. It saves time. It is honest. Whoever does not want to get involved is free to go. I need a man with the will, the strength and morals to stand next to me. I always felt I deserve to be loved. I mever had problems related to cf in my relationships. We deserve to get that amazing hug, where our fears are lost and we feel depy secure. And yes, those men exist. I am 38 years old and I found that hub. My advise: be open, be strong, be honest and find the one you deserve.

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      Luisa Palazola

      Hi Maria! Exactly how I feel. I’ve been fortunate to grow up with brothers and a Dad who are incredibly supportive of me, and act as a role model for who I let in my life. I stay as open as possible, and in my dating experience — those who don’t care, won’t ask questions. And those who do, ask questions and always offer a big hug. <3

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      Absolutely be open and honest. I did online dating and everyone I went on a date with I told on the first date in person that I had CF. I basically said this is a huge part of who I am and I don’t want to waste your time or mine. I told them a little about it and how it affects me. I told them where to look it up online (because lets be honest some sites are outdated) and if they were still interested I’d like to see them again (This didn’t apply to My current boyfriend of 3 years said that my honesty about it from the beginning was one thing that was so attractive about me. There are good ones out there so don’t get discouraged and your CF DOES NOT MAKE YOU UNLOVEABLE!!

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        Luisa Palazola

        That’s how I am! CF usually comes up within the first date/outing with someone. I literally wear it on my sleeve (I have a tattoo of some lungs on my arm!). I always look for people who ask questions.

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