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  • Thoughts on post-Trikafta sickness

    Posted by jenny-livingston on October 5, 2020 at 3:40 pm

    Recently, I’ve been feeling more sick than I had in a very long time. What I thought was allergies (which I recently asked about here in the forum) progressed into what we began thinking was a sinus infection. My doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics that has worked well for me with past sinus issues.

    Then, for the first time in over 6 months, I began having a productive cough.

    Not coughing up mucus, or even really coughing at all, has been one of the most significant and mind-blowing results of Trikafta for me. When I started coughing and producing thick green mucus again, I knew that I was dealing with more than allergies or a sinus infection. I was immediately prescribed a second antibiotic and I am happy to report that I am responding to them well. I’m feeling much better!

    This was the first time I’ve been “sick” since starting Trikafta and the symptoms were incredibly different from my pre-Trikafta exacerbation symptoms. I’ve frequently said that I’m having to relearn my body because it’s changed so much in the past 10(ish) months. For years, I felt incredibly in tune with every sensation . I knew what each symptom meant, when I was sick or simply needed rest, when to seek the help of my CF team, etc. There’s been a bit of a disconnect as my body changes and I’m no longer sure what certain things mean. I suppose, considering all this,  it makes sense that I’ll experience sickness a little differently now, too. That certainly seemed to be the case this time around!

    (I want to note that for multiple reasons, we were sure that I wasn’t dealing with COVID.)

    Have others taking Trikafta found that their symptoms of sickness have changed? Have you had an exacerbation since being on Trikafta? Have you, like me, felt like you’re needing to relearn your body?




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