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  • Tragedies and Takeaways: Spill Your Beans

    Posted by bailey-anne-vincent on May 7, 2021 at 8:30 am

    Yesterday was a beast (for me) and I woke up feeling exhausted, but successful for having survived it. It had “Tragedies” and “Takeaways” and it made me wonder…

    What was your Tragedy this week, and what was your Takeaway?

    Ignore the drama-language, of course, I just love alteration. What I’m really asking is: What is a challenge you faced, and how do you plan to push forward?

    My”tragedies” yesterday were tiny and accumulative. I had my day “mapped out” (that’s mistake #1, right?), so that I would drive an hour north to my first appointment, finish, drive 2+ hours south-west to my second appointment, but leave enough time in between to find a coffee shop and do some work outside.

    This is, obviously, not what happened. The morning appointment took so long (3 hours wait time, to be exact), that there was no time for work, and we made it for the second appointment just in the nick of time. Work went out the window and never happened (we got stuck in traffic on the drive home and the day was shot upon late-evening arrival). My interpreter had to leave my morning appointment right before the doctor came in the room, because he had another appointment waiting. (That was partially on me. When I knew my late-going-appointment could make another Deaf patient have theirs cancelled- because that’s what happens if the ‘Terp doesn’t arrive at that office- I pushed him to go, and knew I’d fend for myself with pen and paper.)

    All of which is to say: A comedy of errors, for sure. I even had one moment- driving as fast as I could to the second appointment, hours away- when I asked my daughter to sprinkle some salt on my singular hard boiled egg (the only thing I’d been able to eat that day), and after taking a bite, realized that she covered it in sugar instead. We couldn’t stop laughing!

    So here is my Takeaway from a day that could have felt like “Tragedy”: I have a child who likes spending time with me, even if it means interpreting at receptionist desks and reading in a waiting room for hours more than she planned. A good car playlist can cure anything (this is science). I have a car (not something I could say a couple of months ago) and I can finally drive again (my favorite thing to do, in terms of autonomy). Pen and paper can get you farther than you’d think. Long wait times are sometimes worth it, since both doctors helped provide answers and plans for the future (another surgery, but let’s not talk about that yet). Eggs with sugar really don’t taste that great… but they won’t kill you.

    Now….. your turn.

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