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      Bailey Vincent

      I wrote about frustrations with virus misinformation online yesterday (Part One of this impatient patient rant), but can’t seem to handle my own confusion at how many people are confused by virus-based science.

      And I’m not talking about Covid-19 specifically… but ALL viruses and bacteria, and how they impact lung health. For example, one person said we should use Z-Packs to fix coronavirus and I wanted to laugh because… well, that feels like child’s play for the typical CFer (“We eat Z-Packs for breakfast”), aside from the fact that viruses don’t respond to antibiotics in the same way as bacteria.

      I am not a doctor but… well, I feel like we have learned so much more about this stuff than the everyday person! And because of that, it’s hard to see how many comments online are ill informed, or unresearched, or even “naive”, in a sense.

      So this makes me curious about our communal experience:

      What’s the worst virus you’ve ever battled in the past and how was it treated?

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