• Trikafta Baby Boom

    Posted by jenny-livingston on December 15, 2021 at 12:15 pm

    A couple months ago, CF News Today shared this article about the rise in women with CF who are choosing to become pregnant.

    Then just a few days ago, I saw these graphics circulating online.

    Photo credit: CF Foundation Gateway Chapter via Facebook

    This “Trikafta Baby Boom” is a phenomenon that I’ve personally witnessed among my circle of CF friends online. I’ve heard stories of women who became pregnant unexpectedly within the first month of starting Trikafta, and others who’ve made the decision to conceive due to the renewed hope and stability that Trikafta has offered them. To me, this is another indication of the huge strides we’re making in the world of CF treatment and improved quality of life.

    Are you part of this Trikafta Boom? Have you or someone you know become pregnant while taking Trikafta?

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