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      Luisa Palazola

      Hey guys, so this isn’t a consolidated list, but I think it’s helpful to list all the basic treatments, medicines, and therapies we use. I know other countries have different approaches and protocol. But, maybe this list will be helpful.

      Breathing treatments:
      – xopenex or albuteral as bronchodilators
      – pulmozyme (most patients are prescribed if they can tolerate it, it acts to thin mucus secretions)
      – hypertonic saline
      – inhaled antibiotic depending on what bacteria is cultured (the most common are: Tobi, Cayston, and Colymycin)

      Airway clearance:
      – the Vest (I think the US is the only country that has this as a standard CPT method)
      – the flutter & acapella
      – manual chest physical therapy using hands/clapping on chest and back
      – PEP
      – exercise

      – Enzymes (depending on what brand works for the person, we have Zenpep, Creon, Pertzye, etc)
      – AQUADEKS (vitamin supplements)

      Often times, we are admitted and treated with IV antibiotics for a minimum of two weeks. The antibiotic chosen depends on bacterial sensitivity. There’s quite a range of IV antibiotics, but I’ll list big names often used here. However, it’s incredibly important to remember that these medicines are chosen based on bacterial sensitivity.

      – Ceftaz
      – Tobramycin
      – meropenem
      – Vancomycin

      To administer IV’s, most people have either a semi permanent catheter called a PICC line or they have a surgically placed apparatus called a Port a Cath.

      I am not too well versed in GI medications and surgeries. However I know when people have difficulty gaining weight, there are various food supplementations given like scandi shakes, or a g-tube or mickey button is placed, to deliver formula.

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