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      Luisa Palazola

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      We’re excited to share Trina’s story with CF. @trina_laine is 32 years old and is from Vancouver. Here are the things she finds most important to her story! ⁣⠀
      ✨I was diagnosed with CF at 6 months old in 1987. My life expectancy was 12 and I spent many of my young years in the hospital going through treatments to try and keep infections at bay. My teens were a dark time. I found myself depressed and obsessed with death. I had been put on anti-depressants/ anxiety meds in my early 20s after severe trauma, and only until 4 years ago was I able to wean off of them. I experimented with drinking and drugs, which only caused more anxiety and sadness.⁣⠀
      ✨Entering my 30s was a very scary time, after all, I hadn’t planned to be around this long.⁣⠀
      I began to change and grow, decided to kick the drinking and pick up yoga. I cut out the darkness with my bare hands and started seeking happiness, started healing instead of numbing, and surrounding myself with happy & positive people, and spending more time on my sweet little fur baby, Betty. I started talking about my illness to people. Transforming it from a weakness to a strength. I found a really amazing group of CF peers, who have helped me in every way. Even having an amazing family and friends doesn’t compare to having a group of people who can truly relate to me.⁣⠀
      ✨2 years ago I met Mike, we started out as just friends, but during a very scary hospital stay we ended up becoming more. He loved me at my absolute lowest, and has never left my side since. We have climbed mountains in Thailand and hiked through the California with much difficulty, but also much joy. After a rough stint of constant hospitalizations last summer, I was asked to be a part of the new trial in September 2018, and everything changed after that. It’s better than anything I could have ever dreamed of. Everything changed after that.⁣⠀
      I want to send HOPE to all the CFers, and the people who love them, parents, friends, loved ones…⁣⠀
      Hang on, stay strong, have hope.⁣⠀
      EVERYTHING is about to change for us.⁣⠀

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