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    Posted by luisa-palazola on February 25, 2019 at 3:46 pm

    This week we’re spotlighting Wesley for our Man Crush Monday! @wesleyfarnam is 29 years old and is from Charlotte, NC. These are three things he finds important to HIS story with CF. Be sure to answer his Q below! ⁣

    💯 I was born with Cystic Fibrosis. I don’t know a life without it. Honestly in this photo I was at an age that I didn’t even know what CF or “65Roses” really was. All I knew was that I had to travel four hours to see the doctor in Chapel Hill quite often. It wasn’t until 5th grade when everyone was at recess (which can we please go back to days with recess and naps!) and there was a forest fire that just filled the air with smoke. I started having trouble breathing so one of my friends who had asthma and I escaped down to the creek bed to avoid the smoke. That was the moment that I realized this CF thing was something more than just going to the doctor.⁣

    💯 Throughout college my CF got worse with me needing IVs more frequently. Emotionally this was a really hard time for me. For the first time I had to miss out on things to do treatments instead. For example, a Blink182 concert that had been planned for a long time. But, my friends made sure to keep me feeling included by bringing me back a t-shirt and other goodies. Another night we had a student government meeting of which I was on the executive council. Being my stubborn self, I wasn’t going to miss it. So I hooked up my Tobi IV ball, ran the line back up my suit sleeve and tucked it in my pocket and let it run as the meeting went on.⁣

    💯 Now in “adult life” I have learned that I have to take my treatment routine and health more seriously. Not only for myself, but for our dog Abi, my fiancé Emilee @mc_emilee and our future family. To me that means maintaining a “normal life.” Throughout my entire CF journey I have been more than blessed to have a phenomenal support team for the good times and when times get tough. I can always count on my friends and family to be there and treat me as just Wesley, not Wesley who has CF.⁣

    My question to the CF community. What measures do you take to live a “normal life?”

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