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      Jenny Livingston

      I find that many cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that irritate my lungs and sinuses. I prefer to use natural alternatives for some cleaning (for instance, I make a solution with vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and essential oils for kitchen counter tops and some of my floor surfaces) but I worry that natural cleaning agents don’t disinfect well enough.

      Do you have any household cleaning tips? Have you been able to find cleaning products that aren’t harsh or irritating? Share your tips and tricks here! 

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      we are using 3% hydrogen peroxide to disinfect the whole bathroom, all drains, floors and well almost everything. First we do the cleaning with sope and then we apply 3% hydrogen peroxide, we leave it to work for a while and then we just use a cloth to smear it, we do not rinse it… We do this once per week… I also do a paste from peroxide and soda bicarbonate to clean the tub and the space between tiles(have no idea what is an expression in English). I am not in favor of using bleach and similar stuff as they irritate lungs, as you mentioned and I would also not feel comfortable to use it on the floor etc as our baby spends a lot of time on the floor.

      Btw do you use in kitchen wooden spoons, cutting boards etc? I am a little bit skeptical about them…
      What is your rutine for kitchen clothes, bath towels? Changing them daily? Where do you dry them? Apparently they should not be dried on radiator in kitchen/bathroom. Do you separate kitchen clothes for ones to use to dry the dishes, ones to use for wiping kitchen counter etc.?
      Do you use paper towels instead of hand towels?

      How do you operate with dishwasher, washing machine, dryer? They all keep a lot of moist inside. Do you disinfect them? We got an advise that our baby should not be in the kitchen when we load an unload the dishwasher…

      Home cleaning is one of the topics where I find only general advises… We got some instructions from the hospital, they are quite ok(I can share if anyone is interested, but they are in French) but I still have a bunch of questions coming to my mind.

      Thank you 🙂

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      Jenny Livingston


      I love the idea of using peroxide and baking soda for bathroom fixtures and tile! Thanks for that tip!

      To answer some of your questions (and please understand this is just MY experience and preference, not advice):

      In the kitchen, most of my utensils are metal, but I do use plastic cutting boards. We have both cloth hand towels and paper towels. In regard to cleaning countertops, etc. I generally use a homemade vinegar spray and wipe with paper towels. We do have a dishwasher, but rarely use it. I generally prefer to wash by hand and air dry in a dish drainer.

      We replace bath towels every few days, and just wash and dry them like we would any other kind of laundry. (Washing machine and dryer.) I don’t line or air dry our laundry because I don’t like the way it makes things feel stiff – hah! Also, I’ve never disinfected my washer or dishwasher…

      I’m learning that advice given to families today is very different from advice my parents were given when my sisters and I were young. There are so many more “rules” and guidelines now! For instance, I would have NEVER have though about the dishwasher being potentially unsafe for little ones with CF. With increased knowledge and information, there comes a lot more advice and guidelines. I find myself learning new things from parents of children with CF all the time! In ways, you are more educated and up-to-date than us older CF folks!

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