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  • What does your identity mean to you?

    Posted by William on May 26, 2023 at 7:58 am

    In a recent column from Kristin Entler, she told a story of a time when she was in fourth grade and came to grips with her identity as a CF patient. What cystic fibrosis means to each of us is different from person to person, but for those who have it, it becomes a massive part of our lives.

    What does your identity as a CF patient mean to you?

    gina-michele replied 1 year ago 1 Member · 1 Reply
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  • gina-michele

    June 4, 2023 at 7:46 pm

    While I don’t have CF myself, and despite all of the struggles that may come along with CF, having CF is something that makes a CF patient uniquely them – and all the more wise and strong.

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