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      Jenny Livingston

      Yesterday, I posted this little video of my sisters who made a little appearance on the news in 1986. I got several responses like, “I didn’t know you had sisters with CF” or “what was it like growing up with multiple CF kids in the house?”

      Both my older sisters were born with CF. After they were born, my parents had two boys (my older brothers) who did not have CF. And finally, I came along — the baby — with CF.

      Growing up, CF was the norm in our household. It’s all we knew! When we were kids, the dangers of cross-infection were not known, so my sisters and I were very close and no precautions were taken to prevent us from spreading “CF bugs” back and forth.

      My oldest sister, Shannan, passed away at the age of 14 while awaiting lung transplant. Teresa (my other sister) and I are very close, but as we got older and began culturing different strains of bacteria, we became more careful about spreading infection.

      What is your family structure? Do you have siblings with CF? Or if you’re a CF parent, how many of your children have CF? How has cystic fibrosis affected your family dynamics and familial relationships?


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